A Closed Mind is An Open Book
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2001-12-09 22:58:18 (UTC)

"You're so spoiled!"

Ya know, it's great how my family calls me spoiled and then
never gives me anything I want. If I was so spoiled, I
wouldn't have trouble getting my way. Robbie and his mom
wanted me to come spend the day over there helping decorate
the tree and so his mom could get to know me better. But
NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! 3 days is too much time with the guy I
love. And I swear, if I didn't want Robbie to hurt himself,
I'd punch the crap out of that stupid dresser in my room. I
got off the phone with him around 1 or 2 today, got
something to eat like I promised, went back in my room,
turned my stereo as loud as I could, put my head into my
pillow and screamed. It drives me insane to think of what I
have to put up with sometimes. And then I think of how much
worse it could be. Everyone knows that line that gets
thrown at you whenever you rant about your problems "It
could be worse. There's somebody out there just begging to
have things as easy as you do". And sometimes I wish I could trade
places with those people for a day and let them see how "wonderful"
it really is. Right now, there is only one thing I wake up for, only
one thing I hang on for... and I'm not even allowed to see him for a
few hours! It's so messed up!! And if this stupid entry looks weird,
it's because I, the blonde ignorant reject I am, screwed up and saved
it halfway through. *slams head down on the key board* I wish I
hadn't even woke up this morning!! I wish I could have just slept
until tomorrow so that I wouldn't have even had to worry about all
this bull-fucking-shit I have to deal with!

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