Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2001-12-09 22:47:11 (UTC)

Various Stuff

.Visions of the Shrike.

With the many edges of thin razor-sharp blades, the beast
literally sliced his way through the group of kneeling
worshipers, using his jagged exterior to throw chunks of
flesh and bone along the walls and throughout the rest of
the cavern's interior.
No one uttered a sound as they were mauled and mutilated
and rended into oblivion. As the final acolyte succumbed
to his fate, the shrike ceased to be, blinking out of
existence into another space and time.

You are who you are. Turn yourself inside out, keep your
outer garments inside, expose your intestines to the
world. Walk sluggishly through a crowd. Slap someone
across the face with the end of your duodenum. Express
your love, drown your hate. Keep yourself a mystery, add
to the mysteriousness of your existence.

Enchanting visions of merriment,
Inspiring tales of the valiant.
Among the fairer race I would like to sit,
Among the race underneath would I like to wit.
To wine and dine in a great hall,
With all creatures great and small.
Let me hear your boasts of great deeds,
Against your foes of varying creeds.
Your world simmers with legend
Of battles between enemy and friend.