Luke's Poetic Interview
2001-12-09 22:38:48 (UTC)


every friday night at five
the sidewalks start to come alive
the horizon's deep and mysterious glow
invites you to ponder time's eternal flow
trapped in the thicket of a tangled idea
lost in the tone-maze of Jerry Garcia
the music runs away with your mind
and your soul fills the shell that is left behind
the notes burn their way into your eyes
and explode in the air like fireflies
until finally when the song is done
you overcome the urge to get up and run
what's left of your reason keeps you at bay
until finally even that gives way.
Chaos in the ordered life
you see it now through all the strife
something in your head just clicked
left you lying there and feeling sick
you open the door and the breeze blows past
before you know it you're lying in the grass
you suddenly become acutely aware
of the soft silken current that flows through the air
but you can't feel the tingle on your skin
instead you feel it from within
a tiny twitch in your stomach wall
your heart beats slow, you can feel it all.
The clouds slip away and the sky is clear
without them as a blanket its cold down here
you hold up your thumb and blot out the moon
and speak it out loud, "god, all this room"

Suddenly you're at the bottom of the deepest abyss
you know, the one you always thought had no bottom
well apparently it does
and you're there
and you're really confused
because you feel like you've only been there a second
but you know it must have been at least a few minutes
probably more like an hour
and maybe even a day.
As you're trying to muster the gall to start climbing
you realize its not too bad down here
actually, you really kind of like it
so you decide to stay awhile.
You curl up on the floor with a blanket you found
Give one last little look around
And fall asleep to that beautiful sound.