My diary
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2001-12-09 22:22:29 (UTC)


Ok so like I met this guy named Shawn who lives in Oregon
yay! and i talk to him online all the time, and i went to
meet him on Saturday with Jeremy and his friend Nick, who
is kinda cute.. thats a diff story! well anyways we went
downtown and hung out at the mall, and he kissed me... oh
well it was a frendly kiss i guess and then we took the
max, and jeremy and nick got off at llyod center and shawn
and i kept riding the max and then he had to pee so we got
off at this one gas station and he went to the bathroom,
and these stupid mexica guys were like totaly hitting on
me! god the nerve of these people!!!! oh well its ok i
guess, well then we went to llyod center to meet up with
jeremey and shawn bought me a necklace and a green bear!
omg a green bear! its sooo cute!!! ok well anywayz he
emailed me so i have to email him back ill write soon bye