Squeeb's world
2001-12-09 22:09:30 (UTC)

Shout out to my Valley boys...

Ok, I'm into the defending again but Hell it has to be done.
I take pride in being very loyal and Kurtis has been one of
my favourite players since Scott left. He was tied with Joey
last year and this year, what with Joey gone, he moved up to
being my number one. So excuse me if I get all offended with
band-wagon jumpers who one minute like him and the next
minute snub him oh because he sucks? Ok, lets' let the stats
stand for themselves, shall we. I start with the fifth
highest scoring Pete, another Valley boy and personal
favourite, Matt Armstrong: 28 GP, 7G, 9A, 16PTS, 8, 14PIM
Kurtis Foster: 28 GP, 9G, 4A, 13PTS, 4, 52 PIM
Ok and now let's look at Matt Herneisen, shall we? (Yes, I
feel like being petty and immature because that's how other
people are acting)
Matt Herneisen: 31 GP, 8G, 3A, 11PTS, -2, 46 PIM.
Hmmm, he's played all of the games- my valley boys have
missed THREE and they're ahead. Not only that but Kurtis is
a DEFENSEMAN and Herneisen is a forward. Wow. So yeah,
apparently I dissed Pennsylvania which I beg to differ
because I never said anything nasty about Matt that I hadn't
said about any others so diss the Valley boys and this is
what you get. There, "This is what happens when you let
things fester!"

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