lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-12-09 22:05:51 (UTC)

hold the wheel and driiiiive

except i can't drive. see i took this neat little test,
which told me that i really shouldn't be on the roads yet.
ahh fun. and you have to wait a week to retake it but i
can't take it friday, and then the next week i have heck
and a half occuring, between my pre-op, the progressive
dinner, christmas caroling with the littluns, and my actual
surgery. aaaagh. and it won't do any good to get it right
after my surgery cuz how am i gonna get it activated if i
can't move my leg, huh?

ok, tangent through. that's what happened though.

and yeah the christmas dinner is tonight, so that's
always good times. oh wait. i have bad memories of the
dinner, actually. eek. don't ask.

oh yeah and my parents are still freaking me out about
trying out for godspell but i really don't want to do it.
i guess cuz i know i either won't make it, or else i'll be
with all the peoples that kinda rub me the wrong way,
mostly cuz they don't uhhh talk to me. so i dunno if i'm
gonna do that, but auditions are on saturday. i need to
make up my mind. but sheesh i realized how bad i am at
sticking to stuff like that. like i am suuucccchhhh a
chicken. and i will totally admit it. but i also don't
want to do it if it won't be fun!! aah any ideas folks?
yay or nay?

so only 9 more days of school for me before break. yay
yay. gosh i really don't have much to say. life's tough
but so am i :-) you know itttttt!