Nothing but drama....
2001-12-09 21:33:34 (UTC)

Christmas Party - Sunday the day after

Last night was Damiens Xmas party. Yesterday went fairly
well. No big fights or any fight at all for that matter. IT
was pretty fun. Anything is fun to me nowadays. I finally
got to hang out with some of Damiens friends.They are all
pretty cool. Why I couldn't hang out with them sooner,
beats me. But oh well, whatever. Um what else...Well this
mornign didnt exaclty start with a kiss. I cant believ
Damien sometimes...all I asked for was 5 minutes more. He
doesnt realize how sleep deprived I am. Unbelievable
really. But anywya.........what I like most about him, is
that he realizes when he is wrong. He apologized in his own
little way, by giving me that "hug" when I went to pick up
the swing.
He is crazy. I still dont believe how he feels
rejected...IT so hard to devote all my attention and time
to him now. I wish I could have him all to myself, and not
worry about the baby or any other little thing concerning
the baby, but its impossible. (for right now at least)
Imagine if we were to have another child....OMG....that
would be never ending drama and arguements. Sheesh.....But
Im not going to dwell on the "imagine IF's", we have a
beautiful son together, all I want is to be a family....A
FAMILY that lived happily ever after. Thats all I want...
Lets hope the rest of the weeks runs smoothly. IM starving,
gonna get something to eat now....BYE

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