Zone of Misfortune
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2001-12-09 20:47:25 (UTC)

BBC 1 to the other end of space


This is an automatic nag-mail from

It seems you have not updated your diary since: 2001-12-02.

Yes, yes, but not without good reason. Father has eaten
up my computer time with the "all important XP upgrade"
which rendered my internet nonexistent for almost a week.
The thing is, i actually enjoy writing about the goings of
the day, and i had so much crap to write about, like, i
actually wanted to write about it, which kinda scares me,
that now, since i have forgotten most of it, i'm pissed.
But therer are somet things i do remember.

I was happy.

Let's break that down.

I, refers to me...MArtin Fleming.
Was, past tense, in that, i no longer am.
Happy, the basic emotional want and goal of life.

Do i know why? Not really... I did...which really is
starting to piss me off. well, all i know is that me
working on "The EPIC: special edition DVD" cheered me up,
as did spending time with friends. Not on bad terms with
really anyone, missed a lot of school which i guess took
the stress level down. Again spent time with
dave/schiller/watts group which i didn't for a while, and
am enjoying the concept of creating music.

But, why? why can't i think of the other numerous things i
was gonna write about?

Well, the current situation deals with some stupid emily/becky
squabble where according to sources, becky has changed to the point
of Ueber-Bitch that neigther dave nor emily like or whatnot. This
made my latest social endeavor not very fun. OH YEAH...speaking of
that night...the car ride to schiller's place was one of the
weirdest i've ever had, and since i can't remember anything about
last week, like tapeing CCNN, going to the PSPA convention or
Knowledge master competition, where i watched the Clerks animated
series, i'll write about that.

Picture this.
You, or me, whatever, get's in a car. Everything is coo, the night
has been somewhat arranged and the three of you, the two picking you
up being the clarks, p-monay driving and Grover riding shotgun, and
all is well. You are informed that on the way to schiller's, you
will be makeing a stop at the watt's estate, u nod, smile, and curse
that u forgot to bring raisins, whole other story. She gets in, and
the nightmare begins. Soon, p-monay's driving suffers, as he
probably had other things on his mind, since he wasn't going with us
but to someone's else's house, and emily offers some suggestions
such as "DON'T RUN THE STOP SIGN!" This is in actuality, where
shit hits the proverbial fan. P steps on the breaks, barely sliding
to the four way intersection, for some reason, Grover basicly
attacks emily, calling her a back-seat driver and saying that
running the stop sign wouldn't have mattered, since there were no
cars crossing their path at the time, to me, a complelty ignorant
comment. P then, reminds emily who got the stop sing violation
(emily) and proceeds to drive on the other side of the road ala
melnick's driving, another story, all the time with Grover's
support, as emily is reduced to yelling obscenities.

This is at about 5:50, i am spending another 4 hours with these
people, which also didn't go to well with the ongoing becky saga,
who was also in attendance, plus grover begat some more weird
meaningless comments...

So, that's actually one of the reasons i am no longer that happy, oh
yeah, another being the conclusion of that night, which was in
Grover's basement. Basicly a bash-fest on others we knew. 30-60
minutes of basicly makeing fun of others. I played solitare.

Then, to today. I bought the new incubus CD, haven't listend to it
yet, since i wanted to write all this, also, discovered something
called Materialistic Religion. Basic concept is the disbelief of
God and the belief that the idea of god only exists to fool others
into submission.

I really wanted to write a lot more, but it's the second advent, and
i need to eat some cake, so...perhaps another time.

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