mark my words
2001-12-09 20:05:06 (UTC)

happy hannukah

here are my favorite song quotes...

This kind of music, use it, and you get amped to do shit
Whenever you hear some shit and you can't refuse it
It's just some shit, for these kids, to trash they rooms
Just refuse whenever they asked to do shit
The type of shit that you don't have to ask who produced it
You just know - that's the new shit
The type of shit that causes mass confusion
and drastic movement of people actin stupid
~d12, "fight music"

Y'all cant deny it, I'ma fuckin rider
You don't wanna fuck with me (yeah)
Got skills in the trunk with me (ok)
Switchin lanes, do a buck with me (that's right)
Y'all cant deny it, I'ma fuckin rider
You don't wanna bang with me (yeah)
And you know I brought my gang with me (ok)
Niggaz trip, I got my thang with me
~fabolous, "can't deny it"

The second one sort of describes me and my girls, in a
crazy way. See, I myself am not exactly tough. I look
like I'm about 12 and I weigh like 95 pounds. But I have
guts, and when I get angry, I can fuck shit up. I punched
a hole in my wall! I also kicked one too. I had to cover
them with a poster... how do I fix two large holes in my
bedroom wall, anyway? But back to what I was saying, is, I
will do ANYTHING for my girls, and I just know they'd do
anything for me. If KC was getting her ass beat, by ANY
girl, I don't care how big or buff the bitch is, I will
jump in there and beat the hell out of her the best I
could. That goes for KE, Lindsay, Kat, Sarah, Ashley,
Christina... ANY of my girls... in particular, KE, KC, and
Lindsay though.
I'd like to see my group get in a big brawl with another
group of girls our age and sizes. I have to say that would
be fun. We think way too much about fighting, and very few
times have we actually DONE anything, but I think if the
chance came up we'd kick some ass. Lindsay, in particular,
looks like this skinny, gorgeous girl, but many times she's
punched her hardest into my palm and I've been in some
serious pain.
I like that song that's like "Engine engine number nine, on
the new york transit line. If your train goes off the
track, pick it up pick it up pick it up!" Me, Ashley,
Christina, and Lindsay danced to that song for HOURS one
night.. then about 20 of the hottest guys in school came to
Lindsay's and Bill was all over me in front of his friends
and I was in heaven.
"you gave me reason to believe
that we were always meant to be
but now i see
you were wrong"
~faith evans, "so emotional"