Skunk Boy

Skunkies Diary
2001-12-09 19:47:33 (UTC)

Good News (again! wow...)

Guess what?! I may get to go to a furry con! Its gonna be
so fun. It'll be in october, and until then, I have to get
a steady job, learn to drive, and prove to be grown up. I
will do it though! Nothing is to difficult when Kiara is
involved :D I love my Vi-Samma... Hehe, she makes me so
happy, I even feel something in my heart ^.^ Never felt
that before... :) *happy dreamy smile* I wish everyone
could find their special someone, especialy my good friend
Flame. He needs a someone. I would rather it be a girl :p
but its fine, he can date guys if he wants :) I was told by
Lyanscott today about what being Gay is to him, and I
understand it now.

Another good newsbit is that Kiara might have a Mic lying
around her house somewhere and I might get to hear her
voice :). I cant wait :)... she's just so wonderful, I
wonder if I deserve her sometimes... :)

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