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2001-12-09 19:26:29 (UTC)

What A Bitch!!!!!

Hey it is me again... I did love Sundays cuz it was the day
my baby started going out with me. But as of today i really
am starting to dislike them. See i have had a great
weekend. I got to spend Friday with my baby Shelly and
Saturday also. It is such a shocker cuz her mom dosen't
realy like her spending to much time with me on the
weekends cuz i get to see her during the week at school.
Well I wanted her to come over today so her and my mom and
me could all hang out. But i had a feeling it wouldn't
happen cuz of her mom. But see i thought she should ask and
her mom might say yes since my mom really wanted her to
come. But no her mom had to be a bitch like normal. See I
ate over her house yesturday so my mom wanted to repay her
and have her over for dinner tonight. But her mom said "no
she dosen't have to repay you." and when she said "but that
my mom asked if she could comeover." SHe gave her that go to
hell look and is now not talking to her which really really
pisses me off. Sometimes I just wish i could take my baby
away from that house and have her live with me. But In time
that will happen. Ok i am going to go see if i can go break
something or just go do something to get it off my mind. Ok it is now
6:08 p.m. i started this at 2:30 p.m. and left now I am back. Well I
tried to get it off my mind and it started to work. i took a nap and
then woke up and got on the comp again. but the problme came back.My
wonderful girlfriends sister decide to be nice and say "hey I will
act like we are going shoping and then to a friends house and i will
take Shelly over there to see you." I was like cool thanks you are
sweet. But then when me and Shelly get all happy and then she changes
her mind. It pisses me off so damn much. i can't believe people do
stuff like that. Shelly just told me that Shannon (Her Sister) had a
few minutes if she wanted to come over. But that she wouldn't be able
to stay just say hi. I mean damn what is up with that. That is just
being crule to me and Shelly cuz she knows how much she we want to
spend time together. I mean her mom said 3 days is to much time. Well
if we love each other then it is not. but her mom just does not get
that. Well her i go being really pissed off and can't go hit anything
cuz if i do then my baby will hit something and hurt herself and I
will not let her do that. Well i guess i am going to go again. If
anything new develops I will be back to tell about it. C-Ya

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