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2001-12-09 19:17:19 (UTC)

Life part 2

After I wrote my last journal, a friend asked me "what
would make me happy" I responded with "I don't
know.....I'd like to say being with her would make me
happy.....being the daddy to her child.....being the daddy
to the newborn when she comes.......being everything they
wanted and more, that would make me happy......but I can't
say that......because I don't know....but I'd love to try
and find out."
I've also come up with a term I think is fitting here. I'm a
sort of standin.....you know thayt every actor in a play has a
standin, someone to take that part if the actor is sick one
night......someone that does that part until the real thing can come
back.....well thats me....standin dad, standin husband, standin
everything.....and just like in the acting buisness, the standin
doesn't get anything but a "thanks, good job tonight.....but oh, so
and so will be back tommorrow, we won't be needing you again"