vampire in shadows

Pennys world
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2001-12-09 18:23:25 (UTC)

a room of velvet

I have been told today by my father that construction on a
new home for us will begin this summer. It will be a large
home and the complete up stair will be all mine. only one
seperashion for the bath. I have already planned out how my
room will look. crannabery carpt with red velvet curtins
and golden ties to hold them back to give the view of the
picture window. There will be a fire place acrost the room
from the canapey bed draped in red velvet and mesh, perhaps
black in color. The sheets of satin and coverings of
velvet. The beutiful rug I can picture it all. The many
books that line the walls and the sprile stair case leading
down to the study that will be filled with more books. o- I
can hardly waite till the house is done. The perfect
vampiric room for the near perfect moi.

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