2001-12-09 18:21:52 (UTC)

TALKING TO KELLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEAH HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU AIN'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH
HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I'm a bit crunk!!!!! Well, I
talked to Mr. Miliner on the phone last nite! Very happy
about that. I don't like him or anything, but when I think
about it......do you realize how long I've been after that
darn boy????? Every since my sophomore year, I've been
after him. I don't know what I've always wanted from him,
but we are cool. He calls me his "Cleo" because I give him
some good ass advice. That's my baby.......for real. I
guess it's the fact that because I use to be so head over
heels about him, that me talking to him now is just
greeeeaaaaat!!! I really hope I get a chance to see him
when he comes home for the holidays. Anyway, I went to our
game last nite. We won both games. Oh yeah, Rod was there.
I really don't like him. He lacks personality....seriously.
He just talks and talks, but there is no personality traits
or anything. I'm not sure if that made sense, but that's
how it is. I avoided him all nite. Man, what is it with me
avoiding people? I guess I'm a bit crazy or something. But
anyway, I'm not sure when Mr. Hill will be home. They have
a bowl game, so he won't be home that long because of
practice. I honestly don't like him anymore.....like
wanting to be with him. I just don't see it anymore. The
person I am now doesn't fit him anymore. I have too much to
say and that's not the kind of female he's looking for. I
guess! I won't lie about it now.....if he wants to chill
when he comes home, then I will. I like being around him
and talking and stuff, but I don't cherish it like I use to
before. I guess I'll see what happens with all that. Man, I
want to get my hair cut some kind of way. My mother said I
can.....just have to find a way I want it cut and find
someone to cut it. Well, that's all for now. ~1~

*ms. jlynlove*