sex kitten

life of a porn star
2001-12-09 17:39:25 (UTC)

in a parking lot...ooh baby

well yesterday i volenteered and then i went home for bit.
ten me and mo wentoutan rean some errands and i stopped at
work to get asub. then at 5 i went back to work and worked
till 8 30. it was a borin night but phil was there but he
waskinda quiet. oh well. after work i went home to shower.
at 11 greg came and pickedme up and we went to his house
and heshowered nd i watced tv. then we went to meet my
friends at th bowling alley and we bowled. greg was beig a
molester and we were sitting on each other and we kissed a
fe times. then at 2 in the mornign we all went outside to
wait forthis dudes mom. i walked greg to his car at the
back parkig lot and we were kissing up against his car. i
was all intoit at the time and he fingered me for a long
time. it was as weird bc all these cars were driving by and
they culd probabaly see that his hand was down my pants. it
was rather nice at the time but i feel kinda bad bc i dont
knowif he is the person i want to be doing that with right
now.its just convienent and comfortable. i dont love him
and i dont like the way he likes me. he just wants to look
ay me all the time and have his hands all over me at all
times and he doesnt listn when you tell him to leave you
alone. oh well. then i went back to the front and waited
with ,y friends for like an hour. then we went to amys
house and slept for three hours. this morning we went
collecting food for st chris' church. it was gay but it was
an expiriance with my friends. my frinds all werelike greg
is nice and you guys ar really cute together. i could gag.