somewhere over the rainbow
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2001-12-09 16:48:25 (UTC)

12-9-01 10:36 AM

i woke up at like 2 am cuz i didnt feel good. i onyl got
an hour asleep. i threw up twice and then went down stairs
and watched some tv. theres something about staying up in
the middle of the night and watching late night tv thats so
special. i had this weird dream tho. my friend jim. he
and his friend mike were at my house. then jim's mom called
and said that jim's dad died from drinking. jim went home
right away. about 5 mins later i went outside to i guess
to walk to his house. but then i saw him, in a body bag, a
clear one, and his head was in a different bag. and then i
tried to drag him up my drive way but the bag was too heavy
and i couldnt lift it. and then mike, his friend, was
walking out of my house and i kept calling him to help me
but he wouldnt come. so i tried again, i got half way up my
drive way and then it slipped outta my hands and he slid
all the way down my drive way. so then i said go bye to
him and left him in the street. weird, eh? well yeah thats
pretty much it, ill check in with yall later

-Amanda Jean