Love, Sex and College
2001-12-09 16:44:17 (UTC)

Christmas Shopping

Well today me and Holly are going Christmas shopping. I
should be sleeping right now, but the bitch next door woke
my ass up at 10 o'clock wanting to know if I wanted to go
to breakfast. She asks me every weekend, and I tell her no
every weekend. Grr... She pisses me off.

On Friday, I went to Caitlin's and kinda had too much to
drink and ended up talking to Andrew online for like an
hour and a half- close to 2 hours. I had a buzz and this allowed me
to open up a little and I told him I wanted anal sex! He seems to be
into it and I want to do it too...I had the
worst hangover yesterday. I even had to go to my Christmas
party for my dad's side of the family. It sucked cause I
felt like shit.

I then went back to school, after having a fight with my
mother, (with the worst headache in the world,I might add.)
I went to go get some dinner, chilled for a while then
Holly came down with Jo and Kevy and we decided we all were
going to have a snowball fight. I was getting ready to go
and the phone rang, it was Andrew telling me that he maybe
coming to see me later on for like an hour, he was going to
borrow someone's car to come up and see me. He was going to
break the law for me (he doesn't have his liscense) So I
asked him when he thought he would be coming up and he said
he did not know. I told him I was going out for a snowball
fight and then told him to call me at 12:30. Well, I got in
from the snowball fight and he never called me. I waited
for a while, then AJ, and Kevy came to see me, (I had taken
AJ's hat in the fight) and they chilled with me. Ida, the
wierd girl from next door, heard us laughing out in the
hallway and came out of her room. I told her I was sorry
that we woke her, she said "no its ok, I have to go to the
bathroom" but proceeded to stand there for the next 10
minutes, then finally the phone rang but it was Theresa
(Tess) asking me if she could have some pizza, then I told
her I had thrown it out. But she could tell that AJ and
Kevy were chilling with me. She then asked me if Holly was
there, I told her no and once I got off the phone with her,
Holly walked in so we all moved into my room for the next
hour and a half, we chilled. AJ was wasted and tried to get
me to drink. I would not go with him, partly because I was
still kinda waiting for Andrew to call. Then at like 2:15
Kevy left and it was just Holly, AJ and I. So then we had
to get AJ upstairs to his room, which was going to be a
challange, but so we started walking him up and he could
not even walk straight. So I went and called the boys Jo,
Kevy, Matt and they all came downstairs to help us. So we
got AJ upstairs, it was a challange though and got him
sorta into his room. Then around 2:45, I was back in my
room and Holly came down in a few minutes and we talked
until 4 am. I then went to bed, until fucking Ida woke me
up at 10 am, wanting to know if I wanted to go to
breakfast. Generally speaking, don't wake me up by calling
me before 11:30. So now the story comes full circle....
ahh, the college life, gotta love it.
I'm out.