The Best Days of My Life!
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2001-12-09 15:49:56 (UTC)

Life is Great!

Hey there! This is my first entry. I will try to post every
day or whenever i have the time! This weeked has been so
great!On firday after school I went with Jeff to get some
of his paintball stuff for the game this weekend. Ugh that
was so boaring. The we went to annoy Quincy at work and
tell him to tell jennifer that we were going to a movie so
we wouldnt be there untill around 9:30 or 10:00. Me, Jeff,
and Quincy were all gonna spend the night with Jenn b/c of
the paintball game the next day! So me and Jeff went to
Cherrydale and we were in his car waiting on David, Josh,
and Katie to get there. While we were "sitting there doing
nothing" Josh ran up from behind the car and scared me
sooooooo much.
When we went into the movie we were trying to find our
seats when we heard our names being screamed. It turned out
to be Brad and Katie. So we all sat down and waited
for "Behind Enemy Lines" to was the best movie
I had seen in a long time. It was so thrilling. Next we Me
Katie, Brad, and Jeff went to Brad's house and chilled for
a while..then I looked at the clock and it was 9:45 so I
told Jeff he should call Jennifer...Jennifer had no idea
where we were and thought we were gonna be at her house at
7. Stupid Quincy of course didn't tell her. Well we got to
her house and Quincy got there about an hour later. We
then "watched" a movie and stuff. (You know me and Jeff
weren't really watching it. Well Jenn's mom mad the guys
sleep on the couch's while we slept in her room... Me and
Jeff were sleepin good until Jenn woke us up=).. well when
the alarm clock went off the next morning Jenn turned it
off and went back to sleep...finally an hour and a half
later Quincy woke up. We took Quincy and Jenn to go get
Quincy's car and me and jeff went to my house.We were soo
tired from staying up so late and waking up so early... but
we had a BIG day ahead of us.
When we got to VHA we met up with JP and got our paintball
stuff ready to play. Whitner was late as usual. Josh and
Julian came to.!! We all kicked ass b/c we were all on the
same team. Jennifer didn't feel like playing so she slept
in Jeff's car the whole time. I only had like 6
kills ...but oh well...I got shot quite a few times...but
it was fun fun fun! Me and josh teamed up! Josh is one of
the people that helps me when I need advice about guys or
anything. He is the best friend anyone could have! We left
and Jeff took me home... We were so tired and i was covered
in paint!! I went to sleep early! I woke up at 10 and
thought i would start an online diary! I have so much to do
today so I'm about to go do it! Im so happy i was with Jeff
all weekend=)I can't wait to see him when he gets off work
tonight! Well I'll write later! Bye Bye=)