even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-12-09 15:37:19 (UTC)

dance.... beneath... the stars...

not a thought i had.. thoughts i had.. so its 921 AM... and
im up.. why? my mom woke up because of the dogs, and was
like, katy, why are you up? im sleeping some more... but
me, no... so today im goign to go in and talk to the barnes
and noble guy abut a job... yesterday he said i could have
hours for the next 3 weeks, so i think that means i'll get
a car... soon.. so i like it... kelly called me yesterday
to tell me she was watching something on tv, a dinosaour
thing, or .. no aplanet, universe thory thing on.. and
then kelly tld me her PERSONAL universe thory, made sense..
i guess i.. not undersetimated, butlike, i nnever knoew
that side of kelly.. i mean, i did, but ididnt.. it hink
jason is briningin it out... and i htink thats good.. also
kelly told me, as she does soemtimmes, guys ot get with,
only this time she said mike not dan... so... eh... she was
like, an dkaty there doesn;t have to be a thing, which was
good, cause there does, i think im thing-a-phobic....
things are so lame, and cumbersome, and annoying, and
middle school, i think thta i just bneed to escape the idea
that a thing is gonna happen.. so.. things aside... iwoke
up thinking baout how late i was sleeping, and it hough it
would be like 1130 or soemthing, but really it was barely
730.... and still, im thinking baout mike, its so odd..
why? ahh... well.. ther WON"T be a thing, even if there is
a thing... ok.. that easy...that waht ive been thingkin
abotulatel is boys.. and here what ive thought.. boys that
peopel have said, ive htought, of have presented
themselves, and reason why it just wouldn;t work.... lee,
is because lee is lee, and hwile lees a great person, he at
a point in his life, where WE lee and i just wouldn;t
work.. hes too negative, he needs someone, and you shoudlnt
have to enter into a relationshiop to fulfill a NEED, it
shoudl be something that you want, or woudl like, but
need.. that sucks... had lee told me all this, like, more
thana year and ahalf ago, iw ould have felt scomppletely
different, but.. as of rightnow, i hthink it just wouldnt
work... klinger, not really because i have a thing for him,
but because joselin does, and she htinkg hes likes me..
klinger is a greta guy, hes really smart, and funny, and i
liek him alot, but as far as romantic things, i dont' think
he and i would work...i odn;t have a good reason, i just
think that im not good for him... i don;t knwo who WOULD be
good for him, i don't knw him that well, bbut im willing to
be that its proabably not me... it oculd be, i'll get to
knwo him better, and then mayeb we'll see, of right
this second, i don;t think it would work, howvere it has
more working potential that lee and i, becuase i knwo lee
so well.. and it would be fun, chirs is super fun, but... a
boy idedea htat ive only been entertaining, not thinking
baout is frieman, but, hes hung up on aemery.. and also....
i dont; wthink the way he does, i think it woudl make
things difficult, and thats ok, cause id on;t have any kind
of thing for him, other than, hes a cool guy... but.. i
could, but... i just looked up at this, its a thing... this
is me, officially starting a thing.. in my mind, i need ot
get rid of my own mental things... there is no thing,
unless i make one for msyelf.. anmd i think im doing it
because ithink its suposed to be there.. ack. the
backwardsness of my mind! thinking, more guys....? mike, of
course, who is a great guy, granted, i walso do not knwo
him super well, but hes funny, im pretty sure hes not
stupid, i mean hse not, but... hes a smartish alt least
guy, only because i dont; knwo him super well, and hes
fun... attractive personality, and i think about him alot
anyway.. why? personlaity thing? i have no idea... and it
hin that .. i dontl ahev any reason why it owuldn;t work,
and i dont; with klinger either, except a mentl block,
dgoddman me .... ahhh.. im starting over...

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