Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2001-12-09 15:33:30 (UTC)



I had a dream. It was quite a nice dream, thought somewhat
disturbing. It was about L B.
I walked to school from Duns side of the bridge, but we
went on the ROAD and up the hill and round N, walking
up the long path past the car park.
We then went into what looked like the school swimming
baths changing room, I was in a cubicle sat on a changing
table and she said "If you don't want it, I have others who
will want it now" or something.
Lesbian sex with L B. OMFG! Yes please. Though she
hates me, and she doesn't even know me, she is so beautiful
and cute.

I had another dream but that was about a bus to somewhere
and I was looking out of the window and saw the moon, but
there was a see through earth in front of it, it was so
beautiful. Even though it was only a dream