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2001-12-09 15:32:23 (UTC)

Sonnet 01: one for you

I know not the reason for which i write
Or why i feel the wrath of loneliness
I cannot begin to explain the might
Of pain when your heart i cannot posess
Lover, your eyes did once stare itno mine
They glistened and gleamed with sweet love and care
Now i close my eyes and i cant deny
That the love that i felt was never there
Can the sky's golden orb ever burn out
The same way your love had gone from me?
The the rest of the world may scream and shout
I will stand all by myself quietly
And though you deny these lothéd betrayls
Beware, for in the end, the truth prevails.
I dont really know how to start this diary. i've never been
any good at starting things. I'm not quite graceful. so i
just like to dive right in. say what is on my mind. A lot
of my friends don't like that part about me, that i say
whats on my mind. but if we can't be honest with ourselves,
how can we be honest with anyone else? Honesty is the only
thing that separates the mediocre man from the genius. the
angel from the saint.
I get a lot of comments on my poetry. people seem to think
that it is about them. in truth, my poetry is about
everyone and no one. that is why the title of this poem has
one for you next to it. i published it in my school
literary magazine, and every one of my ex boyfriends came
up to me and was like "i know this is about me!" so in
conclusion, i'm gonna be honest. i'm gonna write poetry.
i'm gonna make you think. and hopefully, i'm gonna get some

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