Tucker's Personal Log
2001-12-09 14:05:28 (UTC)

Hangin' In Adams: Stardate 10112.09

The following entry is rated "M" for "Mellow out - It's
only a journal entry, d00d!"

Here I am, in Maryanne's house...engaged in Day 2 of
Adventures in SantelliLand. Day 1 was quite a show.
After a quick pickup, we proceeded full speed to safe-
country; Past the Berkshire Mall, where no parent is known
to go with any chance or predictability during a weekend.
We had a lovely meal at "The Bean" (I had a "Plymouth
Feast," which is essencially a post-Thanksgiving sandwich.
Very yummy), and chatted about all sorts of things as we
enjoyed the work of some local muscians
Then we visited Atef...who is a really cool guy. He's the
one custom making Little One's Christmas present...which I
can't discuss right yet, since it's Top Secret, and I know
that Little One sometimes reads we won't be
talking too mucha bout it. Let's just say those out there
in InternetLand are going to wonder just how I did it...And
even then, I doubt I'll tell you. D-)
After visiting with Atef, we went over to visit
Grandma...who happened to be naked when we arrived. Taking
her shower prior to going to church. And so we waited
about 20 minutes, out on the cold porch, waiting for her to
get dressed (instead of say, putting on a robe or somesuch,
she got fully dressed for the afternoon.) That was a cool
visit, though. I've missed her - Haven't seen her since
she got sick, a few months before Grandpa Wash passed
away...So it was really cool to see her. And in classic
Santelli tradition, we talked about other people, namely my
Mom. It was a good mud slung at
all...even though in a few respects, I'm sure that Mom
deserves it. But that's not a matter for man nor
beast...deeper family matters. I'll zip it now.
Anymatter, after visiting with Grandma, we proceeded to the
Mystikal Homestead of Maryanne. Not too bad...the dogs,
Maisy & Stuwart, were (and are as I type this) a pain in
the ass, but both of the cats are very cool...Roger &
No time for that, though...We had a Williamstown walk to
take! Free food, much stuff to expensive to buy, bad joke,
and carny people dancing in the streets...what more could
you ask for in a Santelli Funtion! It was very
sweet...little bonding with my twisted Uncle Joe, little
instilling fear into my sister Dee, little hanging out with
her latest boyfriend, Ubong (I hope that's spelled
right...After all, he's the best one she's had so far.
Very cool kid. I like him!). And then, since Aunt Tippy
was Hoongry (family joke...very long story...maybe I'll
tell it some time), we proceeded to Michael's, a lovely
restaurant. Just as the main course arrived, the first
real snow of the season hit the ground...and covered it
completely...and really did a bangup job on the roads.
Plans to go visit Uncle Joe in his cool, expensive house
would have to pass this's time to go back to the
The rest of the evening included South Park, foot massages
and dirty jokes. And so a long day lead to a restful
night, and brings us to today. I'm planning on seeing Tia
today - YAY! I miss her so terribly...thank goodness for
friends and their transportation.
And that all I have for poart on of my adventures...perhaps
I'll have time for part 2 later tonight...