DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
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2001-12-09 10:42:44 (UTC)

dIs Da ScOop

no more me and my babi
the bonds broken
the relationship is out the window
i aint cryen no more

feels like hell wifout him imma sittin here listernen to
sad love songs lyke "True man" by JE "Theres no me with
you", "Let it flow", "In the late of the night", "i dont
want to" "best friend", "why should i care", "find me a
man" by toni braxton and "When a womens fed up" by R.Kelly
and "Tell me its real", "Crazy", "i care about you" by Kc n
Jojo n any other songs sad sad crying crying depressed and
feeling like i lost everyfin i must be strong no matter wat