Reality Bites
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2001-12-09 08:58:28 (UTC)

Can you take it all away?

I worked tonite...I made $70, so its all good. I just hate
giving up my Saturday nights, but I need the mom
gives me a $20 at the beginning of the week, but I usually
spend it unless Im saving up for shoes or something, but
its good to actually earn money once in awhile lol. Im in a
better mood, and then I'm not...I like feel better like not
as depressed, but then I think of B and how I miss him and
I get a little upset...but its always the same thing w/ goes GREAT then dramatically bad then a huge make-
up scene...its like we're dating or something..but no no
we're not...he'd be a complicated boyfriend, that's for
sure-I just like fooling around w/ him and being friends
with him..haha. Anyways...we're on one of our "breaks", I
dont know this one could be permenent.

I need a boyfriend...there's this guy at school, he's a
junior, Cameron he's MAJORLY hot. I always have this
intense eye contact with him..he's friends with some junior
friends of mine, and they told me he was a druggie like
MAJOR..he was all into hard shit and he was in re-hab last
yr. Now he only smokes weed I think so its all good. I gtg
more on this later!

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