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2001-12-09 08:48:09 (UTC)


Yet another day of procrastinating. I think I studied for a
total of 1 hour today, but I did get some cleaning and
errands done. I got a gift for my big bro and am feelin a
little tired after last night. Monica ate one of my
chocolates out of my advent calendar today...from the wrong
day. I don't mind sharing, but don't do it out of order!
Ash has been very up and down today, and its worrying me.
Tracy was REALLY awesome today, very laid back and fun to
be around. I very much enjoyed it. Anna is still Anna, and
way to concerned about Sam, but I guess thats her chosen
path. Saw Kelly today...I wonder what makes somebody become
so stuck up? I never did anything to her, but she still
acts as if I'm never going to be as good as her. Or maybe
thats just me projecting my own insecurities. Hmmmm. Ash
and I made Andy's gift today. It was really sad. Its a
turkey baster - decorated of course and a collage of
pictures of us and him. I'm going to miss him so much. I
can't imagine not having him around. I see him almost every
day. But at least things will be better for him and his
family, and thats really what counts. I just hope that he
likes our gift, that he knows how much we love him and that
he visits often. Other than that, life is pretty good. My
friends are awesome. Mayms never fails to tell me how much
I mean to her which is so incredibly uplifting. I'm not
sure how she does it. And I can't wait to home and see the
rest of my girls. They're the best. My family got a
christmas tree today, I'm so excited. They got a big one so
that I'd be happy, which was very nice of them. I miss them
a lot. I hope Joe is handling things better and looking for
a job. And I hope that Javier is doing ok. I worry about
him. I really don't have time for a boyfriend right now,
but I find myself wanting somebody to cuddle up with and be
all cutsy with lately. I wish I didn't have to deal with
these would be so much easier. Although I
suppose this is what fuels us, because if I had everything
I wanted, what could possibly drive me to do anything?
... Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive...

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