Nick's Journal
2001-12-09 07:45:35 (UTC)

Me Drunk

Have you ever seen the rain?
My first Journal entry while drunk.
I'm completely inebriated but i know two things.
My life rocks and I have the greatest friends ever. My
weekend was made because Emily came to visit me. It was
complete when Dave wrestled Zach for the "Barringer World
Title". I can barely focus on the keys or the CCR blaring
out at me, but I do know that I appreciate what I've
experienced. Most people laugh at "those drunks", yeah, I
guess you showed us ;-). The irony of it all is that we
both feel our best at our time of redemption, when you
laugh at us, we feel like Kings, and when we're sober
enough we realize you all levels out.
Well this is what I know and that is all.