things that make you go mmmm
2001-12-09 07:13:56 (UTC)

December 8, 2001

Well guys it's been awhile. Tonight was The
Nutcracker, it was good but I've seen better. What amazed
me though was to see guys bringing girls to the ballet.
There are actually guys that will do that?? Who knew!! I've
never met one, no I take that back I have, once upon a
dream... Finals start in two days, I am officially TOAST.
Well at least I'm not bald. Geez I miss my friends- Teeks
especially. I can't wait for Christmas when we will all be
together again. Dude guys Silent Bob is still going strong,
he's a friggin miracle!! Duke won today. Yes I get random
when on Jaeggar. Since dating the evil T word, I have made
a very important decision. No more of these guys I've been
seeing. You know the type- pretty with nothing upstairs and
the personality of a pitbull. Yeah. None. I'm going to hold
out this time. It'll probably take awhile but you know what
it's ok because I am a woman on the move and I don't have
time to fuck around. So there :-D.

Due to the fact that Daddy now lives in NY and I don't have
as much contact with his shining countenance I have
discontinued Daddyism of the day for a random Hollie's
Friendism. Today it comes from Christopher: "If I were
wearing your panties, I would be a wierdo." Wow now that is