DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
2001-12-09 06:43:01 (UTC)

sometimes i sit here n listern..

sometimes i sit here n listern to da ocean
i swear it tells my life n all da sorrow
for which i feel now
no need to worry bout me i sey
for which my head bows down low
i dont wake up ne more hopin u would come bak
cuz i kno its tru u be all set wif a new gurl soon
sooner or later u will see dat when u sed goodbye
u lost out on da best fin u evah habe
n no one can give u luv lyke i can
no one will be lyke me
cuz i am pretty sure imma da only me
my love musnt been good
since u left wif such sorrow
love you forever
but its over
for good now i promise u dis
when u threw me away
u threw all da tyme we spend away as well
i swear i hate u rite now
but i can not lie
i love you
n u kno its tru