DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
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2001-12-09 06:37:15 (UTC)

do you know

do u even kno i'm dying here
when i thought my life was da best
then i lewk again n its da worst
i hope ur happy u see
sum people sey i wuz da best for ya
but i aint i can tell ya dat
i fuked up sumway n made u want to jus throw me away
now i'm lost wifout chu
dunt u kno my luv wuz nevah enden
da mor i fink of dis makes me jus wanna die
so i bettah stop in loven u
before i kill myself more
its not lyke u kare ne more
i can tell u dat
when u sed it was ovah
it wasnt jus dat was ovah
my plans on liven anutah day ended as well
-my life my sorrow

-By Kat from her deepest feelings