The Shadow of Myself
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2001-12-09 05:40:49 (UTC)

the downlow.. or lowdown.. haha ;)

Well.. it's Saturday night. :) Finals week is coming up.
I'm stressed but I'm also not b/c I really only have to
take 2 finals. I did have to do a lot of projects and
stuff. Let's see.. here is what I have to do between now
and Thursday...

1. Finish final visual fundamental project.. which
basically means re-doing it b/c my prof wasn't a big fan..
and that is due Monday @ 2:45.

2. I have to finish an english essay. Actually I need to
start it.. and then finish it.. it's supposed to be 4-5
pages long.... that is due Tuesday afternoon.

3. I have to go to a review session for art history tuesday
and wednesday.. I'm going both days in hopes of remembering
more so I won't have to study as much... :)

4. I have a meeting with my drawing prof Tuesday evening
for about 10 minutes @ 8:20 p.m. to get my drawings back
and hear my grades.

5. Wednesday at 12:30 I have my math final. I'm soooooooo
glad that class is gonna be over. I seriously didn't like
that class. I hope I do ok on the final.

6. Then finally Thursday evening @ 7:45 pm I'll be taking
my FINAL final in art history. So I'll be finished and
free to go home... EXCEPT...

My sister isn't finished until Friday morning late. Which
means I'll probably be home some time around... I don't
know.. early afternoon. I'm just really really glad that
all my 8 oclocks are finished for the next really long
time. I don't even have any next semester!!!!!!! WHOO!

Well my girl Kristi wants me to go over to her friend
grahms so I gotta get out of here.. ;)


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