Love, Life, and So Much More
2001-12-09 05:33:04 (UTC)

Once Again...Dead Tired

After another *exciting* day (note the sarcasm), I think I
may fall right onto my floor and stay there for a good
while (bring me a blanket and a pillow, preferably
feather). I worked a 7 hour shift today...good thing that
I like the people there. It really is a lot of fun,
especially compared to that evil ice cream store (I won't
mention any names...*ahem*Simple Pleasures*ahem*) and the
mean bosses.

At one point tonight, I was rolling (silverware,
guys...c'mon) and I just went off into my own little
world. Just thinking about my issues with guys and I
realized why I can't keep someone: I have emotional
baggage. It's not even stuff I can help, considering my
past...I try not to bring it up or let it interfere with
things, but I think guys can just sense that. Which is
surprising because almost all the guys I know are dense, or
at least pretend to be. So that's at least part of my
problem...I haven't got it totally figured out. But one of
these days, I'll find someone who will give me a
relationship that lasts longer than a month...haha

I don't even think I'm gonna touch on the Show Choir
rehersal was long, but we got a few things
accomplished. Our performance on Tuesday is definitely NOT
going to go over well unless we really bust some bootie on
Monday. Hopefully we'll get it down.

Well, tomorrow is my sleeping day. At least until 10am,
when I gotta get up and get ready for a family brunch for
Madonna's birthday. And then, off on a date with Harry
Potter...taking my sister to go see it.

Rock on,

Song of the Moment: "Don't Stay Home"-311
Quote of the Day: "If you're willing to go, it might as
well be all the way, you know?" -my buddy, Tim

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