darker persuasion of the rainbow
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2001-12-09 04:42:09 (UTC)

why the fuck should YOU care?

yes, 'dear' 'parental units', i listen to marilyn manson. i
don't see why you should GIVE a fuck. he's not 'bizarre',
as you so gently put it. i think he's very talented, and i
happen to LIKE his music. 'i'm not going to be 100%
stubborn about this,' you said when i told you that i want
to listen to that sort of music. oh really? go look up
stubborn for me; that's a good boy. 'inflexible in opinion
or intention; unreasonably obstinate' is what the
dictionary says. flat-out refusing to let me listen to him
isn't stubborn, eh? i know you're rather DENSE about these
things, but fuck, get a clue.
you don't want me listening to him because of the themes in
his music, the lyrics, you say. things about drugs and
sexual and drug abuse. if he likes that stuff that's his
deal, not mine. you said that it would get to me if i
dwelled on it. i'm not. i listen to it for enjoyment, not
obsession, assholes. you claim that he's into satanism and
you don't want me into that stuff. god, you're fucking
intolerant. can't stand anything you're not involved in
yourself. and he's NOT. the founder of one of the churches
made him an honorary priest. but NO, that still counts in
your eyes. i should find a church of satan and get them to
make you honorary priests, and then ask you if you practice
satanism. just to get the point across.
you also said that you respect the fact that i have to make
some choices about some things. obviously those choices
don't include music genres to enjoy, because you seem to
want to dictate that.
you don't like marilyn manson, fine. i can deal with that.
the only reason i can is because i don't give a shit what
you think about me anyway, but that's beside the point. i
don't like your music either. in fact, i'm very vocal about
that fact. but do I delete it off the computer and claim
that it's promoting satanism and is written by someone
who's 'bizarre'? nope. you assholes.