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2001-12-09 04:39:23 (UTC)

the first ever entry

Dear diary LOL

I was introduced to this lil online diary from a friend in
NY - so eric this one is dedicated to u LOL

i dont know how long ill be able to carry this on for - but
its worth a shot

today is the 9th of december - its a sunday and the day has
been real quiet and relaxing so far

Ummmm dont know what else to say - ummm ive got a real busy
week ahead of me. With school and christmas shopping. Im
doin a summer school subject this summer - because i wanted
to do sumthin constructive with my holiday - so here i am -
the subject is photography3 - the 3rd level outta 4
photography classes held at my university. And its a whole
semester of work crammed into like 4 weeks of full on
hardcore work. SO these next couple of weeks im gonna be
taking photos constantly - on wednesday im gonna be using a
professional studio - with those huge umbrella flashes n
stuff and am gonna be using the schools 8000 camera - i
just hope i dont drop it LOL

Ill get more into it over the next couple of days - its a
lot of work but its fun - so its all good i guess :-)

not doing much this evening either - jus gonna kick it at
home - i was gonna go see nivea perform in this club but
thought nah im not gonna bother because no one else wants
to go with me and the trains are messed up so its a bitch
to get into town - plus i dont like her THAT much anyways.

Ummmm thats bout it for now i guess - so ill be closing
this entry for today - or for now at least

until next time

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