2001-12-09 04:27:07 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Ok, I have this really good friend name Sarah, and we've
been best friends for over a year now. I know this is bad,
but I get jealous of her SOOO much! Ok last year I went out
with this guy Peter and we lasted a week, and this year she
went out with him, and he liked her so much more than he
ever liked me and they lasted soo much longer. Then last
year we both started liking this guy Jon at pretty much the
same time. I dumped my boyfriend of two and a half months
for him, and that night there was a party and they were all
over each other and I was just like, ok great. A week
later, they started going out. THey went out for 3 weeks,
two of which she didnt like him, yet she still took him
away and of course he like her and not me. So now I like
this guy Franklin A LOT A LOT like soo much, and she likes
him too. First of all, I've liked him for over a month now,
and she just broke up with peter like two weeks ago. ANd
she never told me she liked him! I had to find out from
another friend! So last night there was a dance and what do
you know they were together the whole time. I don't get it.
It's so not fair, all the guys I like end up liking her.
She has a perfect life, a perfect family, and EVERYTHING.
What do I have? NOTHING. Ahhhhh I don't know what to do.