It smells like poop over here
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2001-12-09 04:03:26 (UTC)

im sorer than sore is sore

oh god! im so sore right now, my wrestling trainer finally
cracked down on us. he's hella pissed. sick of people
skipping and not doin what their supposed to and takin it
easy, not goin all out. before we start real training, we
gotta do 30 back bumps, 20 fronts, 5 hip tosses, 5 arm
drags, and 5 head lock take downs with a leg scissors/pin
combo. doin all that takes like an hour and a half. and
hurts like a bitch. nick got hurt, he thinks he might have
broken a rib or two. he should be fine, he's a fighter.
according to bobo, the new promotion should be starting
soon. he's pickin out a building for the first show, and
he's got an insurance policy. it's all finall comin
together for GLAPW. i think im gonna go catch the first
train to nap time. ill catch ya'll later. thanks for