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2001-12-09 03:45:56 (UTC)

poop on boys

so greg, my boyfriend of eight months whom i am madly in
love with, is pissed at me. i am not even close to
understanding why. the first snow of the season happened
this evening and we went for a walk because we love the
snow. but after the walk i was really cold and i was
dismayed to find i had no pj-pants at his place. so we
came back to my place to get some because we wanted to be
cozy. he said he wanted to borrow a pair and i asked him
like a gajillion times which ones he wanted and he said he
didnt care. i picked out my cowboy pants for him because
they have a drawstring and elastic and a fly and i thought
they would be most comfortable for a guy. we stop by the
apartment across the hall to say hi to my friends/sisters
and he says something about wearing the other pants i had
with me. i told him the cowboy ones were for him and he
said he wouldnt wear them. i told him i gave him ample
opportunity to pick and he said he didnt know i would
pick "gay" ones for him. n.b, hes not a homophobe, its
just his favorite word for everything, needless to say i
hate it. i said fine, how would he like to have no pj-
pants (with a smile on my face) and he said fine (i thought
with a smile on his face). we walk out into the hall and
he screams "Sometimes you can be a total bitch and it
really pisses me off!" he goes outside, cleans the snow
off his car (we had come in my car) and leaves. my
question to any sane human is: what the hell happened?

now, i then go back into the apartment with my friends and
sit with them a while. i feel guilty that even if he tries
to call i cant hear the phone. *i wouldnt have answered,
it just would have been nice to know if he was trying to
call* i checked my messages and he hadnt left a message.
i go in my room and check my im-stuffins and he ims me with
this:i'm sorry i called you a name.

excuse me?

is that f****n good enough? i dont think so.

so i go and take a shower and when i get back it says
this:ok, well i'm mad, but i'm sorry i was rude, that is a
problem i have when i bottle things up. i know you probably
thought it, but going home seperate didn't mean you can't
come over.

then he gets off to let his roommate use the net.

so heres what im thinking...is that not the most pathetic
excuse for treating a girl like shit EVER? i think yes.
plus...does he really think im going to follow him and
chase after him no matter how he treats me like some
pathetic puppy dog??? judging by the fact that i am a
human being, i believe i deserve better than that.

i sent him an email telling him i would be by in the
morning to get the stuff i need to do work tomorrow.

this will be the first night we have spent apart since
early september. :'-(

im lonely

and hurt

and confused


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