listen to my silences
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2001-12-09 03:26:45 (UTC)

you are getting very sleepy

today has been a very relaxing day. i got to sleep until
ten thirty. i could have slept longer but i woke up then
and just decided to get up. my bro and i played
playstation and then i went out to eat with him, susan, and
my mom to mark's. it was really good. i had guard from
one thirty till four. it went really well until like the
last half hour when i had another bad dizzy spell. i'm
having so many of's worse than last year when
this whole thing started. i'm kinda having one right now
but it's not bad. i have a lot of those. but i hadn't
been until a couple of weeks ago and i think the last
really bad one i'd had before then was right after prom. went away about five minutes before practice
was over. after practice i went to work to pick up my
check and fill out more request off forms. i talked to
brodie for a few minutes, he wanted to know if i wanted to
go bowling again tonight. i told him i wasn't sure cause i
was still feeling bad. i wasn't as dizzy and i was ok on
driving, but i was still feeling bad. he said to page him
when i decided. i went home and mom and dad wouldn't even
let me go period cause i'd be home late. and i couldn't
stay the night with anyone cause i couldn't leave my
brother alone by himself that late. (they went to a
christmas party) so i paged him and told him that. you
know, you can really tell who your best friends are when
you only say a few things and they know, not from what
you've said or even how you've said it, but somehow they
know, that not everything is ok. or they know just by
looking in your eyes. anyways, then i went downstairs to
my room and compiled a lot of my poetry. my bro came down
and we talked for awhile then i got on here and chatted
with people. all in all, i didn't do much compared to the
usual running around from here to there and back again.
well, i'm off for now.

final thought: i've realized how quickly life can turn
around in an instant

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