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2001-12-09 03:19:42 (UTC)

Not at the Moment

I'm abso-loooooot-ly a loner during classes at school. The
ionly classes I actually have friends in are PE, Humanities
and Science. But, I'd only have people to hang around only
if Asia and April would quit flirting w/ Corey while we do
labs in science. Ugh, I do not even know (sorry if
HTML doesn't work) why they even want to flirt with
him. ::shudders:: ugh. Friday was a nightmare in disgiuse,
but at least I saw through it! I saw the person about ten
times that day, but I was so giggly! When I'm giggly, I
don't usually care about my image, then moments after when
the giggles die down, I notice how annoying I was when I
was giggling! I hate giggling! Someone slap me when you
find me in a fit of giggles.

Well, I'm talking to Amanda right at this moment.. but she
said her step dad needs the computer, so she's... Oh,

Well, here I am, at the computer desk, drinking my hot
cocoa that is still too hot to drink. And I didn't even put
my marshmallows in. Pity me this.

"Heez mout smells sooo bad, dat peple hang up deh phone on

I was watching Jonny Bravo, or however you spell his name,
just a moment before my dad changed the channel to a basket-
ball game.

Asia's Top ten hottest guys:
10) P. Diddy

MoNmOn's reason why she can't ever get a chance (sorry,
Asia, I just can't see the sparks.)
1)Ginuine and P. Diddy, and Usher are too famous to see you
in the screaming crowd at their concerts. Plus, i bet there
more into women their age!
2)T doesn't like you. Even though I'm not his closest
friend (or his 'friend' at that) i know he doesn't like
3)Joseph owes me a quarter!

Well, that's all for today, this crazy (yet dull!)
Saturday.. G'bye!


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