Blood and Chocolate
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2001-12-09 03:18:07 (UTC)

come up with your own title !

hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here! Well I talked to Adam last night for
an hour ! :)! it was so funny cause I almost fell asleep
on the phone !! haha ! he was laughing at me about that !
well I didn't go to bed till ike around 2 !!! wow then I
slept till ummm 12:30 I think yea ! and then I wanted to go
to the mall with Nate but my mom wouldn't let me go !!
urg ! that made me so mad ! but oh well ! I ended up
walking to Rite Aid with my lil sis and my dog and we saw
Dan and we saw Grant (aka Psycho Monkey Sprem ) lol !
anyways we were gone like an hour! haha ! and then came
home and I made potato soup ! yum!!! it was good ! haha and
then I talked to Adam on the phone card lol ! and we ummmmm
ran out of mins! haha ! we used it up super fast! and i got
to talk to his mom ! haha she is so cool and so is his lil
brother cody ! oh my heart cody is so cute ! omg he was
talking to me and goes ' sorry I um... almost sleep'ted
on the couch !!' haha ! it was too cute! oh geez! well
adam's internet is messed up ! :( ! so he can't get on the
computer!:( ! *tear * oh well I will go and buy a new phone
card! hey steph phone cards at rite aid are buy one 250min
card and get one free!!!!!!!!! :) !!!!! how cool is
that !!! so i say we go and each buy one and then we each
have a total of 500 mins of talk time!!!!! :)!! Oh geez I
need a life! anyways I gotta bounce!
PS.if you would like to donate a phone card hit me back !
thanks !!! lol ! no seriously I would love it and so would
adam !!!!!!!!!!
PPS. Adam I you need to give me nickname ! :)!