Forgotten Misery
2001-12-09 03:05:05 (UTC)

Long boring day

Today sucked I hate people around chritmas time its like ya
merry christmas to u to as they freakin run your ass over.
I didnt get to see my boy today wuz new sniffles. The
guard people are so jelous of me its so stupid i hate
gossip they live in there own world and i cant help it if
within 2 practices i became lonnies favorite and his star
so he thought for the year but im moving and going into a
guard that none of those guard memebers could even get into
hahahahaa whos gonna have the last laugh hehee me baby ya
bitch me anyways i so gota stop cussing its so not
attractive cause when i see people cuss it kinda makes me
sick to my stomach then after i cuss its not a good
ok im gonna go lay down now yup