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2001-12-09 02:47:32 (UTC)


we had a tournament today. we lost, won and lost. i didn't
play very much again. i don't get why tho cuz i was doin
pretty good, i think. oh well, i guess i just suck really
bad. i hafta play organ at church tomorrow at like 10:15.
i'm not nervous this time. i have my hymns pretty good so i
have no reason to be. i really hope that i don't screw up
really bad! cuz that's really embarassing. then i have a
christams party thingy at like 1. that should be done by
like 3 tho, so then i can come home and probly sleep...i
hope. cuz i'm tired. it would be smart for me to go to bed
now...i think i'm gonna do that. g'night all!

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