My Boring Life
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2001-12-09 02:34:15 (UTC)


Okay, there is like NO ONE online. Chris would be online,
except he's in Madison! grr...I'd talk to Eric, but
he's "away". Ugh, and no one understands! let's see, I
don't know what to start with....

Christmas is almost here! yay! I have presents to buy
still. And I have to figure out what to get Chris. Katie
suggested candy...hehe. But I dunno. I'll have to think
about it. What the hell am I gonna get her? I have to get
my best friend somthing, ya know? I should probably get my
buds cards atleast. Hmm....we'll see what happens.... hehe.

I'm watching an old SNL...and my head hurts. Great. Just
Great. I think eric needs to get his ass back online, cuz
I'm bored. Ohmigod, Eric is a freak. Seriously. he like
wrapped himself up in a blanket that Chris had at his
house, was laying on the floor making noises and and like,
shaking. I mean, can you say, FREAK? lol. I'm just messin,
Eric's a cool little dude. He'll come chill with me when
Chris wont... hehe. Eric went to the theater arts
performance with me cuz Chris was "busy" lol. It's all
good, I mean, I understand that he had to babysit. It's
really all good cuz thrusday we got to hang out. Yay! We
cuddled. I like cuddling! lol. and one time that Eric got
up....hehe, I got kiss! whoohoo! I like I gots
ta hang out with Chris more often. He's a sweetie.. teehee.
But then again, would I be his girlfriend if he wasn't?
Hell no! hehe...

I have a headache...a migrane...It sucks. And there still
isn't anyone worth talking to on. I'm am sooo fricken
bored. But I should probably work on my Spanish since Chris
is "busy" on sunday too. hehe. I hope he realizes I won't
even be able to talk next week. I have a performance
monday, driving tuesday, another performance wednesday,
classical on thursday...ohhh we could chill friday...hehe.
Bu...he might be at his moms again, damnit...This isn't
fair! I have to dance at the zoo on saturday, The Keith's
Kids performance is sunday.... Wonder what I'm doing the
next week...heh. Dancing some more I bet. I spent 4 1/2
hours there today...and 4 1/2 last saturday... 1 1/2
thursday...but that's the same every thursday. lol. So
yeah, I'm shutting up now...bye...