Lizzie's Life in a Nutshell
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2001-12-09 02:29:13 (UTC)

I can be sneaky too

Forgive me for not writing in ages. My life is complicated
and busy. Between school, band, volunteering, and home...i
need more hours in the day...or maybe...oh who knows!
I dont know why i cant talk to people, or when i do,
they dont really listen. I try to tell my mom about how i
feel, but it obviously doesnt work. Mom finally went to her
attorney about my father. Which her attorney said it was a
good thing she didnt wait any longer. If she did...she
would have been screwed. My father is a lier, ass (a lazy
one at it too), a sneak, and plain out nasty. He lies about
us having no money, however, we find his bank receipts with
all this money coming from god knows where. Hey dad...i
thought we didnt have money!? The prick wouldnt even pay
for my insulin medication OR my college applications. He
actually complained. Oh gee sorry dear father...i can live
WITHOUT my medicine. And he sneaks around, following my
mom. My mom is out tonight with her friend, Carol. She is
staying at her house making chocolates. My mom called on
her "batman" (secret) cell phone. **this was to keep my dad
from looking at her bills** yes, he actually inspected
them. She wanted something she didnt have to worry about
him looking at. SO she only used it for certain times.
Anyhoo, she called me tonight to say good night and said
shed call in the A.M. She told me to earse the # on the
caller i.d so he wouldn't see. I did. However, when my mom
called...he walked upstairs and stayed in the kitchen while
i was on the phone. BUT he left before i was done. I went
back downstairs on the computer and he came upstairs. I
heard shuffling and cabinet doors banging...as if he were
looking for something. Haha...showed you i wrote the number
on my hand. Nope...i didnt show him...he's a sneak
remember? Yea...he went and did that number that tells you
what the last incoming call was. NOW he has that number.
And he went on the computer downstairs...doing his sneaky
thing...probably trying to look something up on the number
account. How did i know this? I saw a piece of paper on the
cabinet that was once whole, but was now ripped. I hit the
redial button on the phone, which I dialed a DIFFERENT
number so he wouldn't hit redial and get her. Nope, that
wasnt the number it was that other one that tells you the
last caller. See, i can be sneaky too daddy dearset, i
collect this information on you.

Now i sit here thinking about what i should do. I tried
to call my mom but it says the number doesnt work. I dont
know what mr.asshole is up to. and now i will not be able
to sleep tonight. This and a million other things are going
on. Especially the family stuff...and me stuff. I still
cant tell my mom i lied to the doctor, or her. OR i cant
tell lisa im still not better. My life, which i thought
would be getting better, is not improving a bit. Im
sitting here alone on a saturday night, thinking...and soon
to be crying. Im off. I'll write more soon...i promise i
will not delay for months at a time anymore. love to all!


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