Life as I know it.
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2001-12-09 02:21:14 (UTC)

sometimes i know way too much

Hey diary reader let me tell you some things that I cannot
tell anyone really right now.

My friend Ryan used to sleep around with my friend Kate
(only when they were drunk and etc.) and i also know that
he and my friend Lara are doing the same thing now. I also
know lara wants to talk to ryan about it, but when kate
talked to ryan about it, he freaked out and they dont takl
anymore...but here is the kicker ryan nor lara know that I
know whats going on. So I called up my friend Kristin to
tell her whats been going on and she is like "what should i
do?" and im like "i dont know" and then she is like "i have
something to tell you" and i thought it was referring to
the me and Ian thing, but no it was about my ex Matt. So
we talked and she said that sarah (his friend and neighbor
and kristin's lab partner) told her that Matt is going
around telling people we still sleep together, i dont even
tell my freinds anymore cause its none of their business
and that he wants to be back with me, but i dont get that
from him i always get "blah blah blah i llove you aNd all
but i cant be with you" But then he is telling his friends
that he wants to be with me? the friends that supposedly
hate me so much? I dont know diary reader. Men confuse
me, as said before i sswear he is commitment phobic.