im dead 2 this world

leave me the fuk alone
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2001-12-09 01:21:31 (UTC)

subtropic island

-longing for wat makes me hapy
i found it
u make me happy
the side effect is the distance
so far away yet so close 2gether
u have my all i will wiat no matter wat
no matter time nor person
i wont leave i will stay here
i wish i culd be in ur arms
falling asleep
waking up next 2 u
seieng ur face
breakin a smile thru things that disappeared
ur real ur not fake mayb ur the 1
i dont kno but i wil wait-.. nyk

... teh chnaces of finding ur 1 tru love r slim 2 none i
have foun dmine yet he lives so far away no chance of being
2gther until 3 years from now its funy how intense our
feelings have grown for each other i kept it 2 myself teh
love i have i never thought i culd give let alone be given
all the shit i have gone thru and am stil going thru he
wont leave he is tehe no matter wat he cares i never
thought 1 culd do taht for me he made my life a btter place
al teh suicide attempts r slowly decreasing teh smiles of
tru happiness are appearing more frequently the distance
suxs yes but thats teh downfall we have everything taht
most ppl dont the feelings r so great i love him and i love
it its so fukn real but so fukn sad at teh same time yet my
1 best friend in the world doesnt kno i have such a longing
2 tel her i juss need 2 tel her at teh rite time i have
never been the 1 2 be in love this is a first for me and ne
time sum1 said tehy loved me i ran away i distanced myself
but i kno in my heart fo rnow this is real this is wta i
need and want and nothing can change that yet my friend at
1 point dindt like him an ddindt talk 2 him for awhile but
tehy r talkin again and i hhope she respects r feelings for
each other i know she will because she is liek my sister
and taht shuldnt affect nething bc she knos wat its liek 2
be in love so she knows where i am coming from i cant
belive teh chance i wuld fal in love were like zero but i
have and he is so far away so beyond far but it wil work i
kno it will

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