Another Pathetic Atempt
2001-12-09 01:16:06 (UTC)

Once again

i have nothing to say, it was just another day in my oh-so
pathetic life. lol.
i am trying to keep going on a diary. for once,
id like to continue it for a while. we got new neighbors
today. still two houses left to fill on the street. its
interesting, we always seem to live next to people who
throw big partys and get drunk in the front yard. these
people look like they are that type, but who knows. they
are hot though. haha. well, i am going to go and watch the
ECORCIST, so i suppose ill write again later. cheers,

~Lexy (AKA Squee, Moonbeam, 4-year old, Sasquatch, etc

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