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2001-12-09 01:08:20 (UTC)

bad haircut

I got a bad haircut today. Well, it's not a bad haircut.
But the point of me going really was to get my highlights
done so you can't see my roots but SOMEHOW they now look
worse than before... I don't even understand HOW that
happened... but it did.
And someone left me some message in here about dead babies
and whoever you are, it's pretty fucking disgusting.
The hair doesn't even bother me that much yet, just cuz
whatever. It's not gonna change things. I don't have a
boyfriend, I wont have a boyfriend. Not that guys really
look at your roots that much anyways.
I was supposed to go to the bar last night but my friend
decided to email me telling me to meet her and her friend
there, but they didn't know what time they were going. I
was just supposed to go alone and wait for them all night I
guess. Whatever.
I'm just so frustrated with everything. Nothing works
right. I want to go out to the bar for the evening and
dance but that doesn't even work out. I ended up at perkins
AGAIN. Not that perkins wasn't cool but my ENTIRE social
life consists of going to perkins. That's not exactly
enough to make life worth living. Not that i'm threatening
suicide here. It's just an expression.
I'm not going to find a boyfriend at perkins. I'm not going
to be anymore interested in my life if I spend all my
fucking time at a damn resteraunt.

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