Puzzling out my life
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2001-12-09 00:20:59 (UTC)


I have just completely upped the complication level in my
life by a hundred fold. I was over at Erin's house watching
movies with Brenden, and I decided to go home. I was Bren's
ride, so I forced him to come over and see my new apartment
before I took him home. He sat down, and started playing
video games, and I curled up on the couch with him. I
eventually went into my room,bacause he was taking up the
entire couch. He came in and flopped down on my bed, and we
ended up curled up in bed together. We talked for several
hours, I was really comfortable. I don't know what I was
thinking, but I kissed him. A lot. It was really sweet, but
I shouldn't have anyways. Now One more complication to deal
with, ad its even worse since I know Bren and I have had
feelings for each other for a while, but never acted on
them, since I've already broken his heart once, when I
slept with Steve while Bren was in Mexico. Ergh! I don't
know what I'm going to do!