Reality Bites
2001-12-09 00:06:34 (UTC)

C'mon get happy

Ok, well the week took a turn for the better, Friday was
fun I guess...the more I was determined to be un-happy, the
happyier I got. Life's funny that way. Last night I didn't
do anything, I picked up Val at school, then we went and
got bagels. Then I went to Carli's and hung out there for
awhile.We were gonna go out, but I got a really bad
headache. I walked home around 7 and then I forgot that I
was supposed to go to coffee with Brad. My sister told me
he just left when I got there. That kinda sucked. He didnt
care tho. He told me that we'd do it Wednesday. Erik was
supposed to come over but he couldnt get a ride, So I just
talked to Rob all night. I'm babysitting I
started the project thats due Friday, and my cousins are
over now, so I should go...Lates