2001-12-08 23:55:20 (UTC)

Signs of Christmas

On my excursions around town I've been keeping an eye out
for signs of Christmas. Today members of the Grace
Fellowship Church were selling packages of mistletoe for $1
each outside the market. They were smart and set up tables
at each of the two doors so there was no avoiding their
smiles and cheerful "Good mornings!" The Methodist Church
has a beautiful green wreath with a red bow on their door.

Gavin has been wearing a pair of handknit socks I made long
ago. He told me that if I wanted to give Jessica a
Christmas present he was certain she would like a pair for
herself as she said she really envied him his. He added
that her favorite color was pink. Well, this is easy.
After some looking I found a favorite pattern, which is both
pink and lacy, and called appropriately "girly girl"
socks. I had John make a copy of the pattern for me, found
some pink yarn and the double pointed needles and now I'm
set to start.

Some may dream of sugar plums during this Christmas season
but not I! I'm dreaming of quilts! I picked up three
absolutely gorgeous quilt books at the library yesterday and
only had a chance to look at them a little bit before going
to bed last night. I'm glad the library was able to get
these books as I can't afford them at $35 each.

I finished the first of the little snowman ornaments,
including sewing on the beads representing snow.